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We encourage every customer to tell us what they think about our work – and they do! After you’ve read these comments, we think that you’ll agree that these are happy customers – customers whose expectations have been exceeded. We look forward to including your comments soon!
"The demonstrations were educational, entertaining and age appropriate. I was amazed at the comprehension and retention level of my kindergartners! The program was full of good content, explanation, and especially good humor! Superior presentation skills and great audience involvement. Top of the line – highly recommended!"

Teacher Powderhorn Elementary School Littleton, Colorado

"They couldn’t have been better! Kitty and Bruce are quite the duo – funny, knowledgeable, great with kids"

Principal  Colorado Academy  Denver, Colorado

"I admired how you involved the entire audience. Not only did you require the audience to pay attention but you also earned the complete respect and awe of all that attended! You are the fourth science group that I have arranged for at Marshdale. You are the best I’ve seen so far."

Teacher  Marshdale Elementary School  Evergreen, Colorado

"These two programs have received the most verbal compliments of all the programs we’ve done this summer! Keep up the good work."

Staff Member City of Broomfield Broomfield, Colorado

"The best science assembly we have ever seen. Kept students motivated. Students learned a lot of science and thoroughly enjoyed learning. Very stimulating program. Presenters were well prepared and welcomed by students."

Hallett Elementary School  Denver, Colorado

"This performance captivates the students’ interest year after year. Each year there seems to be something new or different."

Science Department Chairperson Huron Middle School Northglenn, Colorado

"Thanks! I wish my college physics class was as fun and inspiring as yours. I liked the complicated nature of electrons, currents and circuits laid out simply. You had these 3rd graders doing math problems and figuring out the circuits themselves. Great class. The kids remarked how much they liked you."

Belleview Elementary School  Englewood, Colorado

"The presentation was excellent! The students were extremely motivated and involved. They are still talking about what they learned."

Science Coordinator Timberline Elementary School Aurora, Colorado

"This was not simply a science magic motivational show. It also taught concepts behind the magic. This made it interesting for the middle and high school level students."

Teacher  Huron Middle School  Northglenn, Colorado

"I have seldom seen performers who were able to achieve such buy in from the audience. Both, children and adults, were fascinated by the presentation."

Children’s Librarian Columbine Library Littleton, Colorado

"What a hot program! Lots of cool info presented in an interactive way. With all the giggles, laughs, oohs and ahhs, you know this is a crowd pleaser!."

Senior Librarian Eugene Field Branch — Denver Public Library Denver, Colorado

"Professional / Student Centered / Highly Motivating / Solid Academic Base / Great Teaching / Super Entertainment."

Lead Teacher Monfort Elementary School Greeley, Colorado

"FutureQuest provided an interactive, entertaining, and educational science program which engaged kids from ages 5 to 45. I wish that I had seen them when I was in elementary school."

Librarian Denver Public Library Denver, Colorado

"You are wonderful motivators for science exploration as well as writing activities. Your program was wonderful! What wonderful visuals and language you use to make complex things understandable. Thanks so much for coming to Tozer Primary."

Teacher Tozer Primary School Windsor, Colorado

"You two were great! It was great to see the kids’ faces just beam at how easy science can be and how much fun it is. It meant the world to me as a parent. You both related science to the kids at their level. You are funny and I would recommend you to anyone."

Parent  Meadow Point Elementary School  Aurora, Colorado

Your presentations were some of the best programs we have had this school year. You make science fun, interesting, and magical, which for kids is a real bonus to spark their interest. Thanks again for all that you shared with us. You are real pros!"

Enrichment Coordinator Heritage Elementary PTCO Englewood, Colorado

"The students were captivated! We all learned new things and remembered things we’d learned before. The show has stimulated a wonderfully re-charged interest in science throughout our school!"

Event Coordinator  Rick Center for Gifted Children Denver, Colorado

"I have heard nothing but positive comments from the students and staff . . . you will be welcomed back to our school."

EXCEL Coordinator Little Elementary School Arvada, Colorado

"We have invited FutureQuest to present a show for our 8th grade classes every year for the past 3 years. Students have come to expect it, and ask about it at the beginning of the year. We have had requests from students to invite friends as well as younger and older siblings to see the show."

Science Teacher Huron Middle School Northglenn, Colorado

"You kept the attention of the whole audience for the entire length of the program (and it was quite a large group). Adults seemed to enjoy the presentation as much as the children; I’ve heard nothing but positive comments since the program!"

Librarian Southglenn Library Littleton, Colorado

"Great motivational assembly! Your demonstrations show the kids the wow of science and you back it up with the how. Your explanations of the scientific principles were really great."

Teacher  Kendrick Lakes Elementary School  Lakewood, Colorado

"Our audience was transfixed — the most fun had by a wide range of ages that I can remember. Highly recommended!"

Librarian Daniels Library Golden, Colorado

"This program was superb. With an audience range of kindergarten to third grade in the majority, you not only held their attention, but also the attention of the fourth and fifth graders, the adults, and even the middle schoolers who were too cool to sit in the front with the other kids."

Librarian Villa Library Lakewood, Colorado

"Our After School Program has been a great success and we know that your programs were an important part of that success. . . We look forward to inviting you for next year’s program, too!"

Senior Librarian Hadley Library Denver, Colorado

"The children were stimulated into learning about science in a different way. Thank you for making it fun and entertaining as well!"

Event Coordinator Highland Elementary School Littleton, Colorado

"At first, the children were very skeptical that it would be a learning program and that they would be bored. But, after the program, they were talking about how cool it was and they couldn’t wait to see the program again."

Van Arsdale Elementary School  Arvada, Colorado

"They [teachers and students] were so enthusiastic about your program and felt that it was the perfect kick-off for their Science Day. Thanks again for sharing your expertise with the Grant Students."

Associate Director Community Resources, Inc. Denver, Colorado

"We appreciate FutureQuest for providing shows that ignite the curiosity of how things work for children. We look forward to hosting you for another program."

Children’s Librarian Denver Public Library Denver, Colorado

"I really thought the programs were excellent! The kids enjoyed them (as well as the staff). We look forward to bringing FutureQuest back and we will highly recommend them to other programs."

Program Director, Extended Day Heritage Elem. School Englewood, Colorado

"Everyone in attendance, young and old, was captivated by your performance. We all learned in a fun and entertaining way. I wish all learning could be as exciting! You exceeded my expectations."

Peiffer Elementary School  Littleton, Colorado

"It’s often hard to find demonstrations and guest speakers that appeal to the 8th grade. FutureQuest not only captured my students’ attention, but sparked their curiosity as well."

Teacher  Cherry Creek Charter Academy  Englewood, Colorado

"FutureQuest was fun, fascinating, and educational. All who attended were entertained, sometimes beyond belief."

Kelver Library  Byers, Colorado

"Bruce and Kitty Spangler provided a wonderful motivation for our science fair . . . It was fun for the adults and children. The humor and science concepts made it interesting for all."

Centennial Elementary  Denver, Colorado

"Great family science day opener or for a science fair. It was an educational experience for all ages!"

Wilmore Davis Elementary School  Wheat Ridge, Colorado

"Excellent — really held students’ attention and I feel it really reinforced the unit on electricity that we’d been studying."

Cherry Creek Charter Academy  Englewood, Colorado

"The Theater of Science program was very entertaining and educational. It held the attention of pre-K through 6th grade students."

Lyons PTO Event Coordinator Lyons Elementary School Lyons, Colorado

"Our students always look forward to visits from FutureQuest. They remember Kitty and Bruce by name and are eager to see what new things they can learn about science."

Heritage Elementary School  Englewood, Colorado

"Kept our audience of kindergartners through grandparents interested and enthralled! Wonderful show."

Maple Grove Elementary School  Golden, Colorado

"Thank you once again for providing an illuminating activity in our electricity unit. Your presentation enthralls and excites our students about a difficult topic."

Teacher  Peabody Elementary School  Littleton, Colorado

"We like the way you related science to the every day world in such an exciting way. Our community enjoyed the program and thought that it was well worth the time and money. From one of our parents: ‘An excellent program! Seemed to really spark the kid’s interest. Entertaining and informative!’ "

Teacher Coronado Elementary School Littleton, Colorado

"We will be contacting you again next year for our Family Fun Night 2000. Thank you for making our program completely successful!

PAC President Mead Middle School Mead, Colorado

"The kids and parents had a wonderful time at FutureQuest’s High Voltage educational program. After the show, we had several parents request a repeat performance in the future!"

Librarian College Hill Library / Westminster Public Library Westminster, Colo.

"Stimulating for adults as well as students. Maintained audience interest throughout the program. Leveled approach for primary and intermediate presentations. Used humor to emphasize educational concepts."

Assistant Principal Meadow Elementary School Thornton, Colorado

"We loved FutureQuest. From the very beginning, they were a great outfit to work with. Arrangements were easy to make and our students loved it."

Parent  Deer Creek Elementary School  Bailey, Colorado

"My students won’t soon forget this "hair raising" exper-ience, which is, of course, the whole idea."

Teacher  Goddard Middle School  Littleton, Colorado

"Thank you for presenting an outstanding magic show to the children at the Ford-Warren Branch Library! Never before have the parents been as engaged in an after school program as their kids. We truly appreciated your excellent performance and look forward to seeing you again in October."

Librarian  Ford-Warren Branch Library   Denver, Colorado

"The program was exciting to all the kids and the adults. It kept everyone guessing and laughing."

Senior Clerk Ford Warren Library Denver, Colorado

"We heard several positive comments from the middle school participants that the program was designed to reach. It was important to have that feedback."

Librarian  Louisville Library  Louisville, Colorado

"Your shows are always popular and Fun with Physics did not disappoint [us]. It‘s so nice to be able to rely on [Bruce] and Kitty to provide consistently high quality, educational, fun programs for our patrons."

Librarian Denver Public Library Denver, Colorado

"You really had the kids’ (K-5) attention through the whole program. The school was buzzing with excitement."

Grant Elementary School Colorado Springs, Colorado

"You do a wonderful job explaining scientific methods in a fun way. Interactive demos really get the kids to pay attention. Loved the demo on fiberoptics using the laser and CD player."

PTA President Kendrick Lakes Elementary School Lakewood, Colorado

"Everyone enjoyed the science show. I have never seen such a quiet group of kids watching a show so carefully as when our kids watched your science experiments. It was fantastic!"

Teacher Skyline Vista Elementary School Denver, Colorado

"The presentation brought the kids in immediately. I was told the Kindergarten class discussed the show for a half hour the next morning. The presentation was excellent for the age group and enjoyed by adults, also."

PTA President Slavens Elementary School Denver, Colorado

"We appreciate your professionalism, quality, and consistency of your programs."

Children’s Librarian Denver Public Library Denver, Colorado

"Awesome!! We feel privileged to have you come to St. John‘s School. You introduced us to new wonders of the science world."

Faculty, Staff, and PTO Saint John the Evangelist Catholic School Loveland, Colorado

"Kids seemed to really enjoy your show. They were in awe of the science."

Enrichment Coordinator McGraw Elementary School Ft. Collins, Colorado

"Both presentations went beyond what we had anticipated. . . Excellent presentations! Kids talked about these sessions all day. The program was awesome."

Staff Member St. John the Evangelist Church Loveland, Colorado

"[The] 5th grade really enjoyed this program and came away with a great deal of knowledge in the subject area."

Stetson Elementary School Colorado Springs, Colorado

"It was wonderful! The children were very involved!"

Youth Services Program Coordinator Loveland Public Library Loveland, Colorado

"The program was very exciting. My kids loved the fun aspects of science, especially the bubbles."

Staff Member La Petite Academy Castle Rock, Colorado

"Very good. The content was great. The kids really enjoyed the program."

Summer Camp Coordinator Schlessman YMCA Denver, Colorado

"Very Professional, entertaining and informative. Wonderful audience approval."

Librarian Eugene Field Library Denver, Colorado

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