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High Voltage Phenomena
Here's a real treat for your students! The Tesla coil, Van de Graaff Generator, and Jacobs Ladder provide an exciting and "enlightning" adventure into the realm of high voltage exploration. The room should be capable of being made very dark to derive maximum effect from this session. Kids love "Rocky" the raccoon and "Fluffy" the bunny - two mischievous little critters that help explain the wonders of static electricity.
It's a Gas!
It's a Gas features experiments involving air, liquid nitrogen, carbon dioxide, cryogenics, pneumatics, and gas pressure. Demos show how molecules and gasses behave at super cool temperatures. See a gas that is so cold that it has liquefied! Watch what happens when the temperature drops to -320°F. Learn how gasses are used to put out fires and make engines run. Witness the atmosphere's power as it crushes a metal can.
Household Chemistry
Your kitchen is actually a laboratory for food, and many of the things you cook with are also found in the chemist's domain. Vinegar is an acid, egg white is a base, and cabbage juice makes a colorful indicator for acids and bases. This is fun-filled chemistry that you and your kids can do in your kitchen or classroom.
The Basics of Electricity
Balloons, batteries, magnets, solar cells, motors, lights, switches, and electrical generators provide the basis for discussions on safety, promote basic understanding, and reveal the answers to these questions: What is it and where does is come from? How do we make it? What does it look, feel, taste, smell, and sound like?
Watch this classic example of subliminal learning unfold as students discover that they have learned a memory code and then memorized a shopping list without even trying! Many kids tell us that they have used this newly acquired memory skill as an aid to schoolwork and in their everyday lives. This program features feats of memory and tricky exercises for the brain.
Fun with Physics
Enjoy and learn how centripetal force can cause a disk of paper to literally explode. See how stroboscopes create illusions and freeze motion, and how space-age polymers can be used to change the environment of our planet. Explore fiber optics as we learn how to change sound into light, send the sound across the room on a laser beam, and then change the light back into sound.
Light and Color
See how a prism is used to separate white light into a rainbow of colors. Then discover how colored lights can be mixed to create other colors. Explore lasers, polarized light, chemical cold light, black light, florescence, and phosphorescence. FutureQuest's Frozen Shadows demonstration triggers the wondering process. The room should be capable of being made very dark to derive maximum effect from this session.
Mystery Crime Lab
Everybody loves a mystery, and this one is rich with clues and evidence. First, an intriguing mystery is unfolded by the presenters. The crime is a pet-napping. There's no violence or gore. Participants are divided into small groups of "investigators" and provided with samples of fingerprints, fibers, stage blood, and an unknown substance. Comparisons and tests lead each work group to the correct solution to the mystery.
Balloons that won't pop? What about vanishing lollipops and liquids that defy gravity? Howjadothat is the ultimate challenge for inquiring minds. Interactive inquiry plays a major role in this session as the demonstrator challenges students to explain the mysteries they have just witnessed. Students usually find more than one acceptable solution to the challenges presented.
The Science of Magic
Magic is science in disguise. Learn how magicians use scientific principles to create their tricks and illusions. Session features a 25 minute magic show followed by 20 minutes of instruction. Kids learn how to perform several tricks specially selected for them and their age level. Tricks explained are novice level magic effects requiring minimal motor skills and suitable for grades 2 through 6.
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