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Great Science Programs are Coming to Our School

Parents and Teachers Make it Happen!

As an involved parent or teacher at your school, you have the power to make these headlines a reality.

Sure, your school may already have an excellent science program, but wouldn't you like to make it even better? The Spanglers and FutureQuest can help you do just that!

You'll find either of our assembly programs perfect to motivate kids, kick-off a science fair, or encourage attendance at parent-teacher meetings. Both are suitable for groups of 30 to 300 people.

The Theater of Science(tm) (our most popular assembly program) features some of the most unusual and spectacular electrical, chemical, mechanical, and optical demonstrations in all of science. Kids "ooh" and "aah" as surprise after surprise unfolds. You might even hear a shriek or two when a paper disk spectacularly explodes after having been spun at a velocity approaching the speed of sound. You'll enjoy 45 minutes of education and entertainment that might include lasers, optical illusions, color changes, and just plain fun.

Our Science and Magic(tm) assembly program explores a realm of scientific phenomena that may look like magic but whose explanations are based on real science. Water changes color and vanishes just like magic, a human head seems to grow before your very eyes, and kids learn that real "mind power" comes from the library at school and not fake psychics.

For smaller classroom sized groups, we proudly offer the ClassAssist(tm) series of programs. These close-up presentations are designed to be curriculum specific, and highly interactive.

All FutureQuest programs are customized to fit the performing environment and for age appropriateness.

Now, let's get 'em excited about science! Together, we can make a difference for the kids at your school.

Programs for All Occasions

Kitty and Bruce Spangler prove that Science is Magic!

Choose either the Theater of Science or Science and Magic program to generate enthusiasm and motivate children to become involved in science.

FutureQuest offers a tantalizing variety of curriculum-based sessions for the classroom. See the ClassAssist(tm) listing on the back for details.

Increased attendance at PTA/PTO meetings is easy when a FutureQuest program is part of the agenda. Adults like science, too!

FutureQuest can manage your science club, kick off your science fair, and supplement extended day activities.
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