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Close your eyes for just a moment, and think back to that wonderful time in your life when magic was real. Remember when rabbits popped out of top hats and coins could be plucked from your ears? FutureQuest can create magical memories just like those for your gathering. It will be a special occasion never to be forgotten. Lots of people can do tricks, but we do magic! We make magical memories! Isn't that what you really want for your special event?
Great Entertainment for a Truly Magical Event

The family version of Magic Moments® was created specifically for those occasions where, both, children and adults are to be entertained. There's something for everybody and all age groups in this very special program. Even though some effects have been selected especially to capture the interest of the youngest members of the audience, the adults will enjoy them as well.

Most folks find it irresistible to participate, even if it's only from the comfort of their seat in the audience. If you were to look around during one of these performances, you would very likely find many of your neighbors suggesting possible solutions for some of the tricks, or offering their favorite magical words, or using their hands to cast a magic spell.

That's exactly the environment we try to create — warm, friendly, casual, and interactive. We have lots of fun, but never at the expense of any member of our audience. Although we don't tell "jokes," there's plenty of humor in every Magic Moments performance. You'll enjoy numerous humorous situations that emerge as the magician and his audiences interact to create a magical experience.

It's taken thousands of performances over many years to produce today's Magic Moments Show. As with all FutureQuest entertainment products, we're sure that this will prove to be a comfortable and memorable experience for all. So, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the fantasy.

Featured Magical Effects

"The Greatest Trick in the World?"
The only trick that nobody's ever figured out — especially kids! The block vanishes and only the kids can make it reappear.

The Incredible Candy Factory
This may not be the fastest trick in the world, but it certainly is one of the sweetest — especially for the guest of honor!

Magic of the Mind
Here's something for the adults in the audience. Magical mindreading and mentalism have fascinated audiences for centuries. Chances are you'll be totally fooled by these intellectual challenges, too! No serious psychic stuff here — just great magical fun!

The Eyes Have It!
Few people have ever seen a genuine optical illusion or a "trick of the eyes." You won't believe your eyes as three very different objects optically blend to become identical!

The Great Linking Ring Mystery
This classic in magic is one of the effects most often requested for repeat performances. Solid rings melt together before your eyes.

Magical Fingernail Trimmer
Here's great fun for groups of older children. This device may look like a small guillotine, but we use it to merely trim fingernails — five at a time, and right up to the wrist! Absolutely safe, and the kids will love it!

Handkerchiefs from Nowhere
Everyone gets into the action to help the magician produce "The World's Largest Handkerchief." Who knows the magic words?

All Magic Moments® performances are customized for age appropriateness and to best accommodate the occasion as well as the performing environment.

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