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Kitty and Bruce Spangler enjoy a unique niche in the industry. They possess an unusual combination of state-of-the-art technical "know how" as well as theatrical presentation skills.

Bruce's professional public speaking and performing experience spans over 30 years, during which time he has captured 9 major awards in the areas of computer technology, public speaking, magic, special effects, and theater.

Kitty comes from a uniquely diverse background that includes theater, ballet, music, business, and science. In addition to her responsibilities as an executive officer of FutureQuest, Incorporated, she also finds time each week to teach up to 20 private music lessons, perform in a dozen or so science presentations, and even finds time to manage a household.

The Spanglers are, both, second generation natives of Denver, and have performed science and magic programs throughout the United States (and internationally) over the past three decades. Currently, more than 50,000 children experience the magic of their science programs each year.

Together, they have been the recipients of the Texas Association of Magician's award for "Outstanding Showmanship and Distinguished Service."

Technical and Theatrical Skills

A unique combination that provides a superb adventure in science

In recognition of her skill and accomplishments, Kitty won a staff/teaching position with the Premier Dance Arts Company which she held for nearly a decade. She is also an accomplished musician on such instruments as organ, accordion, marimba, and piano.

In the business world, Bruce Spangler has served as Vice President of Research and Development for U S WEST Knowledge Engineering. He has been a featured speaker at EPCOT center and also for the National Engineering Consortium.

The Spanglers are the proud parents of three children, Steven, Holly and Wayne, all of whom have received major awards in public speaking, and theatrical performance.

The Action Magic Academy, from which many leading magicians have graduated, came into existence in 1972. Bruce continues to teach magic lessons, but now it's at the FutureQuest Academy of Magic, and only to the most serious of students on a one-on-one basis.

In 1974, the Spanglers established Action Magic Television, Denver's first privately owned television studio dedicated to the preservation of the essence of professional magical performances. This state of the art facility also provided an unequaled learning experience for those interested in acquiring hands-on experience in a production environment. Hundreds of hours of programming were produced at Action Magic Television during the 11 years of its operation.

Kitty and Bruce Spangler are the Producers of the internationally acclaimed Magic Moments® Review for which they have been granted a registered federal trademark in the classification of entertainment services.

They also have been weekly performers on two of Denver's television stations.

Bruce Spangler has recently been listed in the prestigious Who's Who in Magic and appointed to the International Brotherhood of Magician's Order of Merlin.

Together, Bruce and Kitty were honored in September, 1999, with a "Lifetime Achievement Award" in recognition of their achievements in Colorado.

A most recent undertaking, of which Kitty and Bruce take great pride, is their participation in the Littleton Police Department's Citizen Academy. The knowledge gained from this experience will be invaluable in the presentation of one of FutureQuest's newest ClassAssist(TM) programs, the Mystery Crime Lab, as well as several new yet to be released sessions on the topics of crime prevention and substance abuse. Bruce graduated from the academy in the Fall of 1999, and Kitty graduated in the Spring of 2000.

Magic, music, science, or just plain entertainment, it makes no difference! You're in for a memorable experience if Kitty and Bruce Spangler are involved.

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